Contingency Fee – No costs up front!

The great majority of our clients at Mora Employment Law are engaged on a Contingency Fee basis, wherein an hourly rate is not charged to the client. In its place, we are paid by a percentage of the recovery we are able to obtain for the client. The contingency fee basis is a percentage of the client’s recovery which is based on the stage at which the matter resolves. The better the outcome for the client, the more positive the outcome for Mora Employment Law, aligning the interests of the firm with the client. In accepting a case on Contingency, Mora Employment Law reviews many factors including but not limited to: the facts as presented by the potential client, the current state of the law as well as pending case law and statute, the employer, the likelihood of success on the merits based on information available, as well as the potential damages which maybe obtained for the client (such as lost wages, benefits of employment, emotional distress, etc…).

When Mora Employment Law engages in a Contingency Fee Agreement, the costs do not come from the lawyer’s contingency fee as the fee pays the firm only for our time and effort. As part of our Contingency Fee Agreement, Mora Employment Law also advances costs of litigation for which the client will reimburse thereafter.

On the rare occasion our office does engage in hourly representation, however, hourly litigation of employment matters can be extremely expensive especially if the matter is litigated through to trial.  Many people can not afford an hourly attorney, as often those who seek the aid of an employment law attorney have recently lost their income, must expend funds to replace benefits and are suffering traumatic life experiences.   Often hourly work is involved when reviewing employment contracts, severances, executive compensation agreements and the like.  We will entertain the request for hourly representation when appropriate.

Consistent with our Contingency Fee practice, please contact Mora Employment Law for a free consultation either by telephone (925) 820-8949 or to our contact link.

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