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Due to gender (including pregnancy), race, national origin or ancestry, age, pregnancy, medical condition, religion, familial status or sexual orientation as well as other protected classifications.


Retaliation Whistleblower

Due to and/or for complaining about violations of State and/or Federal laws against discrimination and/or harassment as noted above as well as other violations of State and/or Federal laws and Codes and Regulations.



Due to sex also known as sexual harassment, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, national origin, and other protected categories.

Wrongful Termination & Workplace Torts

Wrongful Termination in violation of a Public Policy such as a State and/or Federal law (such as discrimination, harassment or retaliation for asserting a right) and Wrongful Constructive Termination in Violation of Public Policy. Further, workplace tort claims including but not limited to: defamation, invasion of privacy, negligent supervision and negligent hirer, assault and battery, as well as breach of contract claims.

Medical Leave & Disability

Due to a serious health condition of self or other; discrimination based on a real or perceived disability – physical or mental ailment; failure to accommodate or engage in the interactive process based on a disability; and, pregnancy related leaves and accommodation rights.


Negotiation/enhancement as well as review of Severance Agreements.

Wage And Hour

Wage claims including but not limited to failure to: pay wages at separation; pay minimum wage; overtime/double time as well as misclassification; provide reimbursements; provide proper pay stub/information; provide meal breaks; pay bonus as well as commissions; as well as other similar wage claims.


“I wanted to send you all a great big THANK YOU for all the hard work you did, as it was a very long, trying, and difficult task towards the resolution of my case with (former employer), but you ALL did a wonderful job!”

—Former Client, L.R.

“Thanks a million for all of your help, I think I will be able to sleep well tonight”

—Former Client, S.T.

“Just a note to tell you again how wonderful you are, and what an experience it was to see you in action. You have a reputation out there, and it is so ALL TRUE!”

—Former Client, A.C.

“I just want to thank you all for everything that you have done for me!! :0) You truly were a blessing for me…I will always be forever greatfull to you for everything you have done for me…May God bless you & smile upon you forever…You are an Angel!!!”

—Former Client, M.R.

“For the first time in a year and a half I woke up today and felt peace. I am SO glad it is all over and I can move forward. THANK YOU for being such an awesome lawyer. If we would have met under different circumstances I think we would have been friends. Thank you for supporting me and listening to me and advising me throughout this ordeal…”

—Former Client, E.H.

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